Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fantastic Websites for Tech Integration

Two more school days to go and a look back in time… new location, new building, new schedules, new computer labs, new colleagues, new experiences, new technologies.  All within the school year. It’s funny how far the first days seem to have happened when we were still moving in and doing our best to be ready to get the ball running with our classes. 

As I reflect, homeroom teachers have been integrating technology more and more in their lessons. The labs as well as the laptop carts have been quite popular this year.

Many websites have been used by teachers to support tech integration or actually, to make tech integration possible. Diana and I have been trying to keep in our Schoolworld sites track of those websites used with students in third, fourth and fifth grades.

I’m presenting in this post most of the websites that supported tech integration. I’m saying “most” since there were times when teachers used the laptop carts, booked the sign-up lab, used their homeroom computer or may have used any other alternate resources that we didn't hear of. In addition, there were times when our labs were used and time ran so fast that we did not get to add the websites to our links.

Some of this year's websites might be helpful, some may not, for next year. Units change, new technologies come to life, and new necessities are born, however these links could definitely be helpful next year when the units are first unpacked by teachers.

Here’s the list:







Food Chain


Human Body

Language Skills





Multiple Intelligences



Searching the Internet


If you have any websites you would like to recommend, please add a comment below. I’m sure there are many out there that could benefit teachers next school year.

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